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New Group Joined HGI

Date: 2017-01-12Browse: 815

Advanced Materials Interfaces group, led by Prof. Gerhard Wilde from University of Münster Institute of Materials Physics, joined HGI.

        Prof. Gerhard Wilde

  Senior Scientist & Director Board Member

Areas of Expertise:

l   Nanostructured, ultrafine grained Materials and Disordered Solids  

l   Surface Nanostructures

l   Lattice defects and interfaces: atomic structure and atomic mobility

l   Thermodynamics, kinetics and size dependence of phase transformations


Selected Awards and Honors:

l   1997  Feodor-Lynen Fellowship of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

l   2001 Emmy-Noether Fellowship of the German Science Foundation

l   2003 „Excellent Young Leaders“-program of KIT

l   2004 Fellowship of the President’s fonds of Helmholtz society

l   2007 Honorary Professorship, Anna University, Chennai, India

l   2010 CSIR-Humboldt Research Award for lifetime scientific achievements

l   2011 Honorary Professorship, University of Hyderabad, India

l   2013 Honorary Professorship, North-Eastern University, Shenyang, China

l   2014 Shanghai 1000 Talents Plan (Qian Ren) Award

Current Research Focus:

● Analyze internal interfaces in materials including their atomic structure, strain
  fields and atomic mobility and relate properties to the materials performance 

● Develop an enhanced understanding of atomic structure, local kinetics and
  deformation of disordered solids

● Tailor new concepts for sensing and energy harvesting nanosystems