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Herbert Gleiter Institute of Nanoscience (HGI): The “Special Disciplinary Zone”

Date: 2017-01-06Browse: 537

Brief Introduction to HGI

HGI (Herbert Gleiter Institute of Nano-science), the “Special Disciplinary  Zone” constructed by NJUST, was established in October 2012. HGI aims to combine Chinese cultural environment with western technological model so as to make scientific practice and institutional innovation. For this purpose, Prof. Herbert Gleiter, one of the well-known scientists in the field of nanotechnology, was invited to join the NJUST and appointed to be the dean of HGI.

Our tenet: ‘People-oriented, Continuous innovation, Cultivating talents’. To turn the most outstanding scientists’ innovative ideas in the nano field into innovative practice of NJUST.

Our goal: To build a world-leading nano-technology research base.

The research focuses of HGI are Nanostructured glassy and Crystalline Materials, Nanostructuring & Self-organized Devices, and Nanostructured Metallic Materials.

Prof. Gleiter and Prof. Hahn lead the Nanostructured glassy and Crystalline Materials group, which carries out a basic research on Mechanical,electrical and magnetic properties of a new kind of nano-crystalline material.

Nanostructuring & Self-organized Devices group, led by Prof. Fuchs and Prof. Schimmel, tries to explore the physical, chemical and dynamic laws of the material’s surfaces and interfaces at atomic and molecular scale by advanced equipments like STM(scanning tunneling microscope), PEEM (Photoemission Electron Microscopy), XPS(X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy) and so on.

Prof. Ke Lu leads the group of nanostructured metallic materials. The current research interests are focused on the preparation, microstructural evolution, mechanical properties, deformation and fracture processes. The group uses advanced experimental techniques such as 3D X-ray Nano-tomography (Nano-CT), electron back-scattering diffraction (EBSD), and high-resolution transmission electron microscope (HR-TEM) to reveal the mechanisms of how the novel performance and unique mechanical behavior of nanostructured materials is correlated to their special microstructural characteristics.

Open Nanometer Characterization Platform: Our large laboratory equipments such as 3D Atom Probe, Zeiss Auriga FIB, Zeiss Orion Helium Microscope and TITAN G2 60-300 Cs-corrected TEM etc. are fully opened to public.

International Mechanism: With HGI’s director as its head, HGI Steering Board is responsible for development planning of HGI, recruitment and review of PI. PI takes charge of the lab construction, personnel recruitment and scientific research. PI is responsible for the director and the director is responsible for the president of NJUST. A salary system with international competitive advantages is being implemented in HGI.